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Feeling out of whack


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Does this happen to anyone else? I just went through this mini emotional meltdown because I thought someone was trying to mess with me, and then I finally realized, it's probably not quite as bad as I thought it was.


And so now I'm not only exhausted, I'm like, Woah! where'd that emotional craziness come from? Yikes.


The situation is that I'm trying to buy a car from a broker. I thought he'd go to bat for me, but instead it's almost like he's ordering from some damn Sears catalog. I tell him I want this, that or the other thing, and he's like, "This is the way the car is, take it or leave it."


Anyway, I don't trust car salesmen to begin with (sorry, no offense to any who are posting here) and dealing with this guy hasn't helped any.


I hate feeling like I'm making a mountain out of a molehill, and yet, it IS a lot of money. I feel I should be getting exactly what I want, but it's not going that way and I'm thinking maybe I'll just give in instead. It's not worth my emotional turmoil. ARG.

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