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I don't want my stuff..but


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I agree, ask a friend to do it for you. Or if you can't get a friend, you can also hire a taxi service. Many taxis also act as "couriers", delivering papers and packages to companies, so I don't see why they can't do that here... except a bike and fridge might be big and bulky.


ok, ask a friend..... or, get a friend to come with you. I have been in that situation, and having a friend there makes things more unemotional and makes things go a bit smoother. you're not going to get into a serious conversation about the relationship or start bawling if your friend is there helping you move the fridge.

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as long as he/she is not there it shouldn't be a problem


plus, think about this


if he trusts u to let u into his house without being there..well...and what the hell are u doing with his keys...


shouldn't u have sent those back ages ago...shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhshhhh

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i know my ex still has a few keys and i haven't asked for them because doncha think they would do that themself?


and when u think about it - that's a great time to bring the new guy over too. get everything over in one big swoop. have a triple, triple and grab yer stuff, give back the keys [lol] and its as easy as that.


good luck

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we shared a home together


and i would never worry about her going thru things...there's nothing to hide...


she knows this place like mad...


that is so not a concern


the only thing i would be worried about is her hiding behind the shower curtain and scaring the cra=p out of me


wait. that's something i would do - lol


she would be free to grab something to eat, and drink and watch the tube..


it's all kewl

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