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GAH. I need some advice here from more experienced, more level headed people on the matter. The gal I've been crushing on (we go to the same university) for a few weeks came and made the first "move" today by talking to me casually. Very casually, we didn't even exchange names. I was at the campujs pub with my friends and she was with hers. But there was definite flirting going on there. We're both openly gay too.


Unfortunately, I've never flirted with a woman before. I've only recently come to terms with my sexuality and only recently came out of the closet. I acted like a high school girl, giggling and stealing glances while dragging my friends off to obviously talk to her. Or standing near her or dancing near her but never initiating conversation. She opened the way so I knew I had to respond and initiate it the second time, but I'm such a dork when it comes to flirting.


Basically, tell me I didn't blow it. I knew she was interested in me before. She's given me "the eye" plenty of times. She talked to me. But I didn't respond, I just did the whole high school crush act. I feel like the biggest idiot in the world and I'm worried she thinks I'm a huge dork who can't flirt or be smooth and that she's lost interest. I don't know for sure, but she looks like the very "cool," "smooth" kind of person. And one who probably has flirted with others before.


There will be party tomorrow that I'm pretty sure she'll be at. I want to initiate things then...get to know her more...but I'm so worried I'll look like a dork again. AWKWARD.

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Northernlights, no one does it good the first time. Everyone needs to learn before they gain experience in these kind of things. You didn't blow it, it might have been the greatest don juan moves displayed, but don't give up hope. Just keep on loving her and making her happy and your on the right road. If i where you id stay a lot of time in the relationship forum, and try to gather up experience just for info but you need to be strong yourself. Because real-time experience is something you do by practise, and cannot be gained by reading.

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