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I'm ready to let her go now...

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6 month have past now.

still she doesnt want to change her mind.

i triend everything to let her see it.

but now she is happy alone.

she got her dog and rents a house.

before we were the best friends you can imagine.

we had great times and times witch were less good.

its a pitty how things can change a friendship.

how things can rune a relationship.

is it true that there is a reason for it?

is it true that our relation has never meant to be?

if i look closer i know im the reason why it happened.

but if i am really sorry for my mistakes will i ever be forgiven?

or am i just that bad that i have to take this punishment?

i dont know if i should keep contact or not.

or what the best is for us both.

at this moment im calm and peaceful.

but it does hurt cause i still love her (and always be).

she was my everything.

she made me live.

and i will really miss her.

but im ready to let her go.

if she is happy, then im happy for her.

but deep inside my heart im still hoping that, if it was meant to be.

we will find eachother back.

im not a killer, im not an abuser im just someone who made mistakes and was too selfish to see it and feels sorry on the moment when its too late...........

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It's hard to let go. But, if you do love them, you will let them go. And if you love yourself... well.. the same applies.


I am my own worst critic. Sometimes I have a hard time seeing past my faults to see the good things. I have made many mistakes. But, in the end, they are learnng experiences and they are what make me who I am.


Don't get so down on yourself that you don't feel all the good you have to offer. Don't make your faults be your world. See them and address them. Know that, if you do, as time goes on, you will grow from it and continually becoming the person you want to be.


Hang in there

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