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No point in stressing over a human being

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FROM EXPERIENCE - What is the point in stresing over somebody? Anyone and everyone can be persuaded, and manipulated, some just take longer to crack then others, I have managed to get women back, even after we broke up 10 times, after they left me for somebody else, after everything that goes along with a breakup and heartbreak, much like what I have read in these forums, it is all about timing, how you are going to take control of the situation, and if you are smart enough to do so, because the beautiful thing about the human mind is it can be changed, turned around, and tricked, so when people tell you to "let it go" or "get over it" "no way it will happen" thats a bunch of BS, if you look at it that way, you are looking at it as in your SO is smarter, and somehow better then you, if anyone wants to know anything further I have to say, just ask in this thread - Johnny

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i've learned that it's a risky proposition to look at any person as "better" than another, and it's a false way to boost your self-esteem.


even if you (and i mean that as the universal "you," not you, razerbladez) are one of those people who often tells himself he's better than others, it can be easy to turn it around on yourself and think another person is better than YOU when something like a breakup happens.


best not to look at people in terms of dualities, and understand that most of us are on a pretty equal plane, with the exception of extreme examples (i.e. murderers).


after a breakup, i think the best way to look at it is: i loved my ex, he was great, but i am an amazing person. it was a mistake to cut me loose, and his loss if he doesn't want to recognize it.


when you start looking at it that way, then you should be able to boost your self-esteem without a doubt.


i agree with you though, no point in stressing over a human being who is no better (or worse) than you.

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