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My boyfriend and I have been together for about 9 months now..

well yesterday he came over and i sensed there was somehting wrong..

due to the fact that he has been acting kinda distant lately.

so I asked him what wrong.. and why are you acting different and he said hes not and got all defensive so I told him that he needs to not get defensive when im asking him an honest question..so I asked again and that when he said the sadest thing..."i dont think were going to work out"

I couldnt beilive he said this too me.. out of blue..

so Iasked why?. and he said its because we fight too much and that he only sees me for about a couple of hours a day before work and that when he starts going taking his emt classes and going to college hes not going to have that much time for me.. I told him i dont care about not being able to see him that much because I loved him and i want him to pursue his life dreams. I kept asking for a second chance but he kept saying no..

we cried for hours.. then finally i just packed my bag and he asked where I was going and i told him i cant stay here im going to my friends house. So I told him that i loved him and that im going to miss him and we just held eachother both tight and went our sperate ways.

Well when i went to my friends house i realized after a while i just wanted to go back home and sleep.. but i didnt want to drive home since it was sooo late.. so I called him and asked if i woke him and he said no he was just "Thinking" well i told him im not trying to get back with you or anything but can you come pick me up and he said yes.. so he came and picked me up and he told me he was thinking and he thinks we can try to make it work..

so he slept over at my house but the thing is.. we have to take a week break.

Anyways my question is...

do you think we CAN make this work?

I want to really bad we love eachother a lot.

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It seems rather odd that this just came out of the blue.


I think the future of your relationship relies on what he feels in his heart.


You obviously want to be with him and will do whatever it may take, but he is conflicted for whatever reason. He needs to figure that out on his own, there is not going to be anything you can do unfortunately.


It sounds like you're doing everything right so far, giving him his space when he requests is and everything. Just hang in there and I hope he can figure this out. It sounds like he wants to, but there's some reason he's not making up his mind.

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i know i can make it with out him..

i just dont want to..

i moved from califor nia to oregon and had to breakup with my first ex.. than i moved to cali and got with another guy then he dumped me for his ex..

and so i moved back to oregon and thought everyhting was bad.. i had no friends.. nothing. And then he came along..and everything changed i had a best friend and a lover. Ive never felt so happy in my life..

i know we fight.. but im willing to do anything it takes to make this work.

im so scared.

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