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Working through College

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First of all, let me explain my situation. I currently go to Kent State University in Ohio. I live in an off-campus apartment with my girlfriend. I take 2 classes a semester year round. I still have 3-4 years left before I get my degree in Business Management. While going to school, I work full-time at the VA Medical Center (gov't facility)in Brecksville, which is roughly 40min from my apartment. They have a great program setup for students attending college. They are very flexible with my hours, and I dont get held to the same standards as full-time employees, as they know that school can sometimes cause extra stress. The pay is great. I started at 10.75, and after being there for around 14 months I am up currently at ~11.15. On top of that I get paid leave. The only problem is that I HATE the work I do. My day consists of doing the same thing ALL day, ALL week, ALL month. It's beginning to drive me crazy. There isn't anything else for me to do in my department, so theres no more responsibility/tasks to take on. They don't even check on me, and most of the time I only have enough work to fill half my day (thus why I spend so much tiem reading ENA!)


I feel completely stuck in a situation that is eating me up. Any other jobs I find when looking online are not flexible (I need a day-time job that gets me back at my apartment by 5:15pm for classes), not stable (sales), and require me to take a huge paycut. I've looked on all of the job sites (Monster, etc) but I just can't find anything.


Does anyone have any suggestions on where I could look, or what type of companies I should look into? I need to make atleast $1300 a month after taxes, and that seems almost impossible to find without a degree/more experience. Unfortuneatly my girlfriend also works here and is in the EXACT same position, only she's making even more $$ then I am. Bleh!

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Since you are moving toward a degree in Business Management, I would see if your university has a connection with the Small Business Administration. They often have small consulting gigs available. These are attractive to small, local businesses.


As for your current job, is there any reason why you can't start liking it? It doesn't sound like it is a career. I spent a whole summer pressure washing the inside of a giant warehouse... talk about mind numbing... but hey... you do what you gotta do.


You might want to see if there are something outside the job that allow you to pursue activities in line with your degree... but flexible enough that you can keep your current job for the money.


Also, look into the internship program offered by your university. Work with your career center... they are better for you than 'job sites'.

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Yea, unfortuneatly I haven't took a very good stance towards utilizing what the Uni has to offer. I've only ever even talked to a counselor once so far =/ I just feel so lost when it coems to things like that. I don't know where to start/who to talk to.


As far as liking my job, I didn't mind it too much when I first started, although I hate being on phones, and thats all I do all day. I am a very unsocial person, lots of social anxiety, although since I met my girlfriend it has gotten alot better. As far as doing other things outside of work school, I really don't have time. During the weekdays I go to work, during the nights I'm either in class, doing HW, or relaxing with my GF. On weekends I'm usually visiting home, doing laundry, keeping the apartment maintained, and occationally working on my project car. I couldn't handle anymore stress.


I have no problem keeping this job for the rest of my schooling, as you said, you gotta do what you gotta do, but it would really make my life alot easier if I could find a job that suited me better. This job is making me lazier then I'd like to be =/

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Well.. as far as the social aspect of it, look upon it as an opportunity to get over your social anxiety issues. Sometimes we are in a spot that is challenging a particular weakness in our personality so that we can grow.


As for utilizing your uni's services. There should be a directory you can consult to find the 'student career services' department. Just call them up and tell them you are interested in some job opportunities that might be better in line with your major and was wondering if they could help you or direct you to someone who can. It's pretty straightforward. They doi it as a living too, so it's not like they don't get all kinds of calls from all kind of people... the vast majority being college students who don't really know how to take advantage of their services.

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Eh, I've been doing it for 14 months, at first I looked at it that way, and it I got alot better because of it, but I find it very hard to do the same thing (regardless of what it is) for that long w/o getting terribly bored. I need an environment that changes, unfortuenatly the government doesn't change unless they are forced too.

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You've got it made there. It's only foure more years of your estimated 76 years on earth. Stick with it, finish school, and move on to bigger and better things.


You work for the public sector and have security for now. The private sector is cutthroat and merciless. So, enjoy the free time at work, heck you have time to help other on this site, that should be reward enough. Stick it out and make the best of it.

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MoneyGod has some good thoughts here... look at the bright side. While I can identify with being in a career that offers little fulfillment... I can't identify being in an unfulfilling job... because in the end.. a job is just money in the bank. A career is a whole lifestyle.


Perhaps you are reaching that stage where you just want to feel more fulfilled? It may have less to do with the job itself and more to do with the other activities you are pursuing.

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when i was going to undergrad, i worked part-time doing tech support at the local law school. it paid so-so and the people there were pretty cool. the professors were a little nutso sometimes (i remember a professor that was literally jumping up and down because he had some computer issue... lol). but like everybody said, it's not a career, it's a job to move you in the right direction. it does kind of suck the ambition out of you though.


i would continue looking at link removed and other avenues (other school jobs) until you find something better. the thing w/ a new job is that there's no guarantee that it will be better. it is amazing how many cruel people you will find in the workforce. good luck and try to stay optimistic.

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Hmm... what's more changing than talking to different people all the time? Or are they the same people... over and over?


Insurance reps. I call the same people, and ask the same questions, all day long.


Perhaps you are reaching that stage where you just want to feel more fulfilled? It may have less to do with the job itself and more to do with the other activities you are pursuing.


This is exactly it, only I am locked in to my job AND school, which doesn't leave much time for anything else.


it does kind of suck the ambition out of you though.


That's my biggest worry, I don't have much ambition left!



Thanks for everyone replies. I'll handle sticking it out at this place as long as I have to, it's boring but everything else about it is ideal =/

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Wait wait... don't let yourself be stuick. There is absolutely no reason why, now knowing exactly what the problem is, you can't start mocing toward a solution.


Don't fall into the trap of just resigning yourself to mediocrity. Put up with it while you seek success, yes, but plan on discarding it when something else comes along.


Don't let the rut trap you. As a first step, contact your Uni's career center today and start there. At least you will get some sense of satisfaction for doing something... anything... to get you to where you want to be.

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