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Is there something wrong with me?

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I havent been here for a long time, and Im confused.


When I was 16 I broke up with my gf. Heartbroken, etc etc. I thought i dealt with it well. Loved sports, just kept doing it to get her off my mind. Im into guitars now, but thats not the point.


It seems like I had/have to always occupy myself with something to not feel sad or down. I used to run at night, in the rain...just whenever I felt really down to momentarily snap out of it for a couple of hours.


I just kept doing it, it sort of became an obsession. If I dont occupy myself , I feel down again. That was 2 1/2 years ago. Up to this day, I still have that feeling.


I had another gf, didnt feel anything aside from the initial infatuation. She went out with another guy while i was taking my exams. Didnt really care, somehow i just keep thinking abt the previous one.


Now I know what's wrong with me (or what isnt). I know that there's nothing to be down about, but I cant seem to snap out of feeling sad whenever Im not doing anything, or when Im not surrounded by people...like right now. I have been experiencing this for a long time and I feel like its already a part of me.


I remember being a happy person. I have no idea as to why Im feeling this way all the time. Maybe it isnt about the girl at all. I just dont understand what is wrong with me. Im not experiencing a hard time in my life right now, and I dont think that a normal person should be experiencing what I am.


I just cant seem to control my emotions, eventhough I know that I shouldnt be feeling this way. Help?

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Hey Winky-


It sounds to me like ....you have some unresolved issues (maybe the break up?) that you haven't dealt with. So you do a lot of little things to constantly keep your mind going so you don't have think about what is bothering you.


I know the feeling well...


What has helped me is writing... just writing my thoughts helps me sort them out and figure out what i'm thinking and whats going on. Just the act of writing my thoughts and getting them out of my head....helps me a lot.

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