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finally had conversation with cashier at london drugs-not much


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Ok news about the cute cashier at london drugs , the thing is i figured out that Jen(cashier girl) works saturday nights after 6pm, since i asked one of her co workers. this london drugs is a store where u actually have to go in to see if she is actually working there or not, u can't just just browse through the window as the store was designed differently.

ok converstion wasn;t that great, but i went in the same day , but later in the day afterwards to talk to Jen for the frist time. i seen her before like buying chips, but was too shy to make conversation and never thought about picking a gal up who works as a cashier.

me: uhh how are you doin-said it quietly

her whatt

me are u doin -louder

her: ah me good

me ah you work here long

her ah no just 3 months

me ya go to UVic right

her: ah no UBC

ok what was it , she didn't seem really talktive or said anything , her face was mostly to the ground while talking to me

1 month later i go back and buy a case of pop and wait till i can get her as a cashier -it not one of those places where u can pick ur cashier

me: so your back at UBC hey

her"ah yea

me what you taking

her art design

me they have that kinda of course there

her its media arts and design

me: ah i just finished my schoolin at UViC i took business

her: nothing

me ok bye see ya around

her ok bye

same thing with Jen ,she doesn;t seem to talk much, but answers ur questions if u ask em,but doesn;t invite any questions or statments or her part. Also there is much time to chat as once the cashier finishes processing ur items, its onto the next customer, and i don;lt want to be the guy who seems like i'm bothering her.

shes cute , but not sure how i can get her to talk more and how to get her # or e mail or what not. total inexperience and have never done the picking up total cashier stranger before.

any commments or advice or suggestions please

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She seems kind of cold. Are you watching her other body languages? Like, is it just you that she stares at the ground with?


It's so difficult to get girls that are so shy like that. I'd let some super confident guy get that girl, perhaps you could move on. I think you'd be better off going into clothing stores, the girls there are usually a bit more open for conversation, plus there's no "wall" formed by the cashier register/counter. It's too bad that they end up talking to people only because they have to be nice since they work there. So keeping that in mind, don't be too creepy, only ask for the number if you're sure she doesn't have a boyfriend and if you think she likes you. Then again, you have nothing to lose! They are all just girls after all, not princesses.


I'm no expert on this stuff but those are my views.

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