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Just wondering If anyone else has had or is having the same feeling. It seems like everything moves so slowly, as if I am in exactly the same position I was in five years ago. Trying to get myself going into a decent/real job, I know you're supposed to respect all labor but I feel like I am still doing the type of job you should be doing when you're 19 years old. Theres nothing really wrong with that but it feels like such a shame to have put in so much effort to university only to find the course you did is fairly useless, and doesn't lead to anything I want to pursue.


I started a science/teaching course straight out of highschool, dropped out after first year, worked for a year then started and finished an economics degree. Now, a year after graduating I find myself enrolling in the same course I started 5 years ago. I'm going to end up spending 7 years at university in total, three more to go. I'll be 25 turning 26 when I finish.


I'm scrounging for hours at my current job and applying for the same type of, lets face it - crappy jobs I've done for the last 5 years.


It doesn't make me unhappy, I don't mind the work at all. Money is not a huge issue I make enough to get by and thats enough for me at the moment.


But I am starting to feel a bit ashamed that I've gotten nowhere with my time. I don't meant to, or want to complain about it but I would like to know if anyone else has been through something similar or had the same type of thoughts.

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i use to feel likewise that i had something to prove to other people in the world (family, old friends i haven't seen in a long time). that i had to have success professionally and monetarily to be a better person.


however, i think i've matured a little in this. i've been lucky enough to be able to travel to different places in the world and it's interesting to see how different people in the world live and what constitutes "success" and "happiness" for them. i live in the US and there is an almost ever-quenching thirst for more, when sometimes less is better. i guess i've also grown less ambitious, but more at ease with where i am in the world as i've grown older. and i guess it really depends on your definition of "success". my own definition has changed to finding happiness. i'm an easy-going, fairly happy person, but i think there's areas i can improve on to being a healthier, happier person.


but back to your original question. life is a journey and where you want to go is like plotting points on a map. draw your map, put points where you want to go and go for it.

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