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Confused by mixed signals


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I'm confused with this girl. I'm receiving some mixed signals from her and besides this, there is the ex-boyfriend problem.


To make a long story short, let's start.


We are friends for a long time and maybe 3 years ago she was interested in me, but I was the one that was not interested as she was going to study to another town. During that time we have speak on the phone and we see each other every 15 days when she came to spend the weekend at home. Now, this summer we have started to have some more conversations and we have spent a lot of time together and some long conversations on MSN.


In August we have spend a weekend together with some friends. We have drive only the two of us as our friends where already there and it was a nice drive with long conversations, both when we where going as on the return. By that time I was thinking that she didn't have a boyfriend, what is partially true as in that weekend I've seen some strange reactions and change of moods when his phone rings . When we where returning after the weekend I've asked her what was going on and she as told me about his ex-boyfriend and that she as quitted the relation with him due to some infidelity from him, but the guy continues to phone her saying that he love her and only now he as realized what he as done, that he wants to recon ciliate with her, stuff like that. She as told me that during +/- 1 year that they have been together, it was more the time they where pissed with each other. The feeling that I've stayed was that she still loves this guy, even that she told me that she as told to his ex that they could be friends.


After that weekend we have continued to see each other and speaking on MSN. I've been sick and she as cared of how I was.


One day, we where speaking on MSN and she as told me about some messages that she was receiving on his mail and asked me if I could tell her from who they where. She as sent me the messages to my email and the messages where from a psychic. I've told her that they where SPAM and explained what SPAM was and I forget about the messages. The next day, I was clearing my mail and I've seen the messages and I've read one of them where this psychic mentions a Scorpio that is in love with her. This was repeated in all the SPAM messages that she as received. I'm confused with this. First I don't believe in psychics and that's not what is making me confused. My confusion is that she knows I'm a Scorpio and maybe this was a test from her or will she send me the messages anyway even if another sign was mentioned?


The day after this messages story, she as left to where she is studding and she will arrive tomorrow. During that time, I've sent her some text messages and phone calls, but I've seen that his reaction was not as it was before she as left.


Just before she as left, she need a ride to take the bus and one of our mutual friends as told her to ask me but I only have heard my name and didn't realized what they where talking about and have only realized it when she as asked me and another couple who could give her a ride and the couple as answered that they will go just before she as asked . I've tryed to offer the ride so I could be alone with her and get some more feelings from her, but that couple didn't let me .


I'm confused with all this. First there is this old boyfriend story where everybody says to her to forget him and his phone calls and messages, but I know that sometimes she answers the phone or responds to his messages. She as told me that one of this days and this to me is a bad sign, both in the sense that she still is in love with him and also in the sense that when she tells me that I'm being put in the "lets just be friends" category .


On the other side, sometimes I see that she loves me and likes to spend time with me!


What can you people say about this?




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