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A question about piercings

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I had a nose ring. I loved it, but in the winter when you have a cold it can be nasty what gets caught on the inside of the ring in your nose. FOR REAL


I don't think it would affect your nose bleeds if you just want to get the cartilage at the bottom of your nose peirced, cause nose bleeds are from inside you nasal passages or whatever.

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I also get random nose bleeds--not often, but usually without warning.


It really didn't seem like getting my nose pierced affected it that much. In fact, I didn't even bleed when I got mine pierced. It also didn't hurt at all.


Still, talk to your piercer before you decide to do it AND make sure you go check the place/piercer out before you make any decisions.


Have you discovered why you're getting so many bleeds? I'd do that first, if you haven't.


Well, good luck--I've had mine in for almost two years and I love it.

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