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help cant breathe.

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Hey so heres my storie, I have this close friend, we been friends for a while but we started to get closer and closer over the months, all of our mates av been askin us why we wernt a couple yet and what was goin on but neitha of us really knew. then we kissed for the first time and everything sort of pushed on further to the point where we were basically a couple, wed go out and hold hand and kiss n cudle. We talked bout how we wanted to stay the same but as a couple and how wed still see our friends n jus sorted out most of our fears about being together but we wouldent go out because i was goin on a weeks holiday. I'v come back from holiday and things wee a bit tense, we spoke ova my hol but we wernt as much wen i got back and now all of a sudden shes said shes worried bout ruining our friendship and dosent know wether she wants to go 2 the next level 100%. Or that shes not sure if she ready 4 a relationship n how she likes to do her own thing n stuff. i dont understand, she says she feels preasured by people always askin her n saying thing bout us being together. I dont get whats happened> any advice??? she also says she wans to b how we were b4 my hol but that was like a couple anyway! and that she wans us to alway b close n dosent wan 2 lose me?? whats goin on??? i know she hasnt met any1 else or anything like that. can sum1 help me before i go insane! Thanx to all who reply and i will write back to your comments asap! thank you!

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It sounds like she just doesn't know what she wants. And it sounds like you both want different things. She would be happy with just being friends with benefits, but you want more right?


You have to respect her choice if she doesn't want a committed relationship with you. That's just her own choice. But that also means that if you can't handle just being friends, then you might have to step back for awhile and do no contact.


At this point she just seems confused, but the worst thing you could do right now is try to force something on her.

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i agree shes confused but i dont understand how all this came on?? she not the type of person who would wana b friends with benifits and i know she needs to know someones really into her before she gives much feeling back. i know she likes me as more and she really cares bout me like i do her but she seems scared. i think while i was away she went out with her friends alot more and think shes scared of giving that up for some reason?? we both sed we dont wana change our lives 2 much n we are both friends orientated like we both like goin out n having a laugh with our mates but love pending time together! i feel like im pressuring her but she dosent wan me 2 leave her alone, i sed id giv her time to think but she dosent wan me to if that makes sense?? anyideas?

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