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getting him out of my mind


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Hi all -- thought someone could help me with this problem.


I belong to a social organization that meets several times a month. There is a guy there that I am acquaintances with and have liked for a while, but it's clear that he only sees me as a friend.


Most of the time I can treat him as one of the crowd, but once in a while I feel slighted if he doesn't talk to me that day, or if it seems like he's paying a lot of attention to other women. Sometimes I get so frustrated that I'm upset for most of the day.


How do I deal with this? I know that this guy is not interested in me, but I get so upset that he isn't. Most of the time I'm good about facing this fact and can rein in my emotions, but once in while (like today), I get insanely upset that I really like this guy but he is not interested in me. I thought of not attending organization events anymore, or at least for a while, but I have many friends there who are important to me.


Your suggestions are much appreciated!

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This is a tough one, first off, how do you KNOW he only sees you as a friend and that's it? secondly I don't know what to tell you, I have been in this situation before and all that helps is time. Time to get over him and JUST see him as a friend. Something else that may help is focusing your attention on someone else, someone who will reciprocate the feelings.

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