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So theres this gal...


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Theres this gal ive relly started to like shes a jouiner at my school while im a senior so are age isnt to far apart, shes relly caught me for some reason i cant stop thinking about her sometimes weve talked a few times and she likes my movie scrip for a movie me and a friend are doing, shes very smart and attractive and im relly confused on how to get her to notice me as more then a random guy and possibly want to consider me as a dateable person any help would be aprecitive

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well as a girl, the thing that has always helped me to notice a "random guy" is his sense of humor and things in common. Just try to "accidently" run into here where you know she'll be and strike up conversations and see what you have in common, or if you already know, then use that! and make sure to use humor! girls are a sucker for that be yourself and be very confident (that is a turn-on) Good luck!

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