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i freeze when i see him...


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i totally freeze when the cute guy at work walks by and peeks into my office. The way my door is set up there is only a split second to catch him, but i always notice that he peeks in to glance at me whenever he walks by.


There is enough time to make some nice eye contact when he walks by if i'm looking in that direction, but not enough time to crack a smile at him and let him know "he" is the reason for the smile. Otherwise, I'd have to sit there with a stupid grin plastered on my face until he walks by and then he probably would miss the point that i was smiling at him, he would think i'm smiling at someone else.


One day i caught him walking head on towards me and and gave him a dimply smile which he reciprocated. The next day he stopped by the door to ask if the guy in the next office was in, maybe taking a hint from the smile, but when he asked all i could muster was "uuuuuuhhhhhhh". It was so embarrassing. He totally took me off guard.


Would you guys out there take all of this as a sign as a girl not being interested...no smiles, the embarrassing "uuuuhhhh" even if there was always nice eye contact? I don't want to give him that impression.

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Don't make any aggressive moves. Guy has to make the first move. But you could tip him off by let's say, asking a "mutual" coworker about him. The word spreads and if he's interested, he will initiate first.

Besides, dating a coworker isn't good in the long run. Things go not the way they were supposed to and it may get akward.


But good luck nonetheless.

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do yourself a favor and try to comment on something about him as you walk by in the hallway, should lead to some simple small talk. and that will lead to lengthier (is that even a word?) conversations in the future. i think you just have to get comfortable with him and likewise.


there's this girl at work i find cute and i think i might have creeped her out by only smiling and saying hi to her in the hallway for the last 9 months lol. she use to smile and say hi to me too, but that kinda stopped a few months ago. then again, i was still in a relationship for the 6 months.

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