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Dont know what to think

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It seems like the last few days he and I havent been calling as much, which makes it easier on me, becasue I dont have to be disappointed if I dont see him. He says he still loves me, and that he doesnt see a future at this moment. I love him, with all my heart, but deep down, realize that what we had was unhealthy.

I hope for the world that he returns to his normal self. I hope he realizes that we can make it work, even through the trust issues, and I hope that someday soon, our love will be stronger than ever. But i cant keep trying when it seems he isnt.

He called me last night, saying, hun, babe, blah blah. I havent heard from him today. He stil has a key to my apartment, and still uses it from time to time, so he remembers it is there. He says when he is with me, he has a hard time not having fun. I miss this man so much. I dont know what happened to the guy I Knew, and I really thought that our love would take us through.

I dont know what to think about all this. Do you think its a sign that he really isnt ready to move on, since he still has kept the key. I would think he would have given it back, if he really was serious right?? But another part of me also thinks, why would I want a man, who might not necessarily want me. We have been through so much, and I dont know if he treats me poorly or hurts me, because I have hurt him in other ways. I dont even know if it is worth mending. I still owe him around 500 dollars. I just dont know where to turn anymore. What do you guys think? especially about the key thing?

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Well pay back the 500$ you owe him at least that much. I think you two should start being honest together, and if he mentions there isn't a future for both of you, and if you can confirm this as to be true. Then i think its time to close this chapter of the book, and find someone to share your life with who can live on a long term healthy basis together with you.

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