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Forgiveness is about freeing yourself from it. You have to come to grips with what has happened to be at a place of forgiveness.


There are various stages of acceptance. Denial, Anger, The BlackHole(whats out there) Then finally acceptance..


Allow yourself to feel these emotions, you will be the better for it the sooner you do.

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Who is this person you are hoping to forgive?,


To forgive someone, you must accept what they have done to you,


And LET GO of thinking about what that is,


I believe you cannot forgive until you are willing to forget also,


Write out how you feel in a journal,


What bothered you, how did it happen,


And I think with time, what goes on paper,


Can be absolved from your immediate memory,


Good luck,



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I'm so mad at that girl Ariel!!!

I don't even know how to forgive her because I don't even know who she is.

I knew this girl for almost 3 yrs.

We weren't best friends, but now......

I just can't believe what she did, I'm still in shock!

How to I forgive her, I don't even know what to forgive.

It's not like she's this girl I know that just made a huge mistake.

She's someone else, I don't even know that person. She's someone who calculates, and schemes, and is evil.


I mean, how do I start to forgive if I can't understand?


I just can't grasp it yet, it's not clicking.

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