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Apparently I've no backbone - Back with ex...

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Wow... today was VERY awkward... My path and E's path come right accross each others and our lockers are litterally right next to each other (like 1 to the left and down). Very very hard to not say hi when she said it, and I couldn't manage >.

After fourth, 3 friends and her all came to me independently (one of those friends is the teacher in her math class that I talk to just to see how he's doin 'cause me and him are still friends) and told me she told S to get the hell away from her today.

After school she grabbed my hand, gave me a hug, kissed my neck (which I melt at and she knows it) and told me she didn't want it to be over.

I'm so confused because I still like her and she's a direct influence... but I'm just confused... -sigh-

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