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PLEASE help!!

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my ex is making me so confused...we broke up two mon ago and i started NC after a few days of the typical begging/pleading/ridiculousness. after a month and a half i called him once and we had a friendly conversation. i was going to leave it at that but he texted me about a week or two later with just "boo." then we didn't talk again. about another week or two later he starts iming me asking if i hate him and if we are friends and if im dating anyone. everyday after that he kept iming me. then he imd my best friend who he never talked to online while we were dating (he didn't really like her). then i went away for the weekend and he sent me texts. i just feel so confused. i was starting to get over him and now im pulled back into this web. i think he only wants to be friends but i am not positive. i am going to see him this friday at a friends bday party and i just dont know how to act. does anyone have any idea why he could be acting this way? please help with some insight/advice/anything!

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Regardless of what your friends say or how much praying you do, anything he says or does other than "I have made a mistake and what you back" means absolutely nothing. If he honestly believes he has made a mistake and thinks he might just have tossed away the love of his life... believe me... you will be the first to know.


He could be doing this because he hates people not liking him. This is very common. Also people don't like "lost opportunity". Every time I unblocked my ex he would contact me initially then once he realised I wasn't going to reblock him, he wouldn't contact me. He just wanted to know the door was still there.


Its probably a good idea not contact him and be guarded in your responses. This isn't a game its about protecting yourself from hurt. You need to expect and demand clear intentions from him. If he wants you back, he will need to demostrate this through words and actions.

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ask your friends, they would know better


it's an interesting thing, getting advice from the friends...i actually think i have gotten way better advice on here. my friends fed into my desire to be unrealistic about the situation, they gave me way too much hope. i was better off coming here, i think i would have accepted the end a lot sooner had i not received those scraps of hope from my friends, who, to be honest, didn't really have a clue what was going on in my relationship, as most of your friends usually don't.


i also agree with icemoto, i think he wants to make sure you don't hate him so he can feel better about himself, and i don't think he has intentions of getting back with you. hold your cards close to your chest right now, i've seen many times on this forum that the dumper will pop in just to see how much you still adore him. it's an ego boost for the most part. but like icemoto said, you'll know with certainty if he wants you back, because he will EXPRESS it with certainty, and it won't be with these little text-message games.

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