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i feel really crappy

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its been 8 days of NC feels like forever.


its not even that anymore...its that everyone around me seems to have someone now...last night i saw a few of my friends profiles and it just made me really sad. then i started thnking about my ex...

i guess im just waiting for it to be my turn....=[


im like the shyest person in the world!!!

how am i ever going to get someone to notice me

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Hey WTD,


What you are going through is normal,


You are not used to being alone,


But that's the most important step in healing,


Is to be comfortable being alone in your own skin,


You must love and be comfortable being alone,


Before you can even consider another relationship,


You must give NOT to receive in return,


And right now, it's got to be about YOU only,


Make yourself the priority,


Get out and have fun, rent movies, exercise, etc.





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