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A kid in love.. need some help


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ok.. so here's what happened. there was this week long feast thing which was basically like a party. I saw a friend of mine from a very long time ago and with him was a group of friends that she was a part of. I danced with her numerous times during the week and talked to her individually a few times too. even met her mom at the feast. I have her myspace, but she really doesn't know me that well, I don't think she even knows my name. so, now what?

ask for her number? screenname?

and if i ask her out, should i say go somewhere alone or invite her to a party or something like that.

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If you dont ask you will never know. Go for it ask for either her number or screename anything just ask so that you dont have to keep wondering in silence what could happen. Keep us posted. Good luck by the way dont invite to a party you cant really talk and get to know each other take her out to eat or the skating ring or some were you guys are gonna be able to talk.

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