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Unfortunately... I now have to post in here. I just told my bf of a year that we need a break. And unfortunately I could not tell him in person because he has been ignoring me all day including yesterday. We work together and I really wanted to talk about this after work last night, but he made up some lame excuse and took off. I told him to call me later and he never did... I called him today and no answer. I haven't talked to him all day and I have no clue why he would be ignoring me. Although he is the type of guy that hates talking about "problems" over the phone, but I don't care, that's immature and silly of him. Basically, I have to post because I have been crying all day, I'm sick of these puffy eyes and I have to work in 3 hours. I need advice please on what I can do to take my mind off this, especially at work since we do work together. I have turned off my phone for the time being since I'm sick of waiting for his replies. I'm so turned off right now by relationships... they are too damn difficult.

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You know why he is ignoring you right now you told him that you need a break what did you expect that he would just smile stay friends and hang around to see if you want him again. Ok so maybe he will get past this and you guys can be friends but you have to give him some space right now to deal with this in what ever way works for him you got what you wanted a break now focus and on that and do what ever it was you intended to do during the break wether it is finding your self making yourself happy whatever it is focus on that.

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I told him I wanted a break after the fact I haven't heard from him. I left a message that I needed a break because I don't deserve to be treated this way, and we do have some problems, so the break is for both of us to do a lot of thinking. I did not want to tell him I wanted a break in a message though, I was hoping he would call me so we can talk it over. Yes I know break's usually end in a break up, which I am hoping will not be the case here, because some relationships do require this space and it can work, but only fate will tell. In the meantime, it's very hard to cope with and go on in life at the same time.

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It sounds like he wanted a break before you suggested it. You may end up separated, but it will be more his doing than your own. Try giving him space and not attempting to contact him for a few days. Take some power in your own hands and find the will power in yourself to stay away from him. If there is anything worth salvaging with him, he'll come back to you eventually anyway. You may try once again to ask him whats going on, and try to call off the break, in a few days. But see how he reacts first to you when you don't pursue him.

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