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sooooo sick and tired!

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Hey whoever reads this,


Im 20 years old and have been hit with some unknown chronic sickness that has greatly devastated my quality of life. I have always been a healthy person regularly playing sport and doing exercise but one day i was sitting on the couch and a sharp searing pain gripped my left chest and my heart would not stop pounding. I honustly thought i was having a heart attack!


This pain is a sharp jabbing pain that feels like it's inside my bones and sometimes travels through my body (feet, hands ect.) and all at the same time my heart pulse would sky rocket.

My doctor thought it might of been a pinched nerve but i know it wasnt that at all! (i was sitting on the couch!)

After about a week of anxiousness and this weird pain i woke up to find the pain had almost completely disappeared but instead i felt extremely sick in my stomach.

So now here are my symptoms:


chronic nausea, chronic sharp jabbing pain in my bones everywhere, panic attacks, depression


this has continued over 16 months, my doc thinks it's all in my head but that must be bull * * * * cause i feel normal and do things i always used to do!


even though i don't think this was the cause of this sickness i feel i should reveal that i had been smoking pot for about 12 months pretty hard before this all occurred


If someone can help distinguish what might be wrong with me please give me a yell because i don't think i can live like this much longer. HELP!

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Okay, it is the pot. I know because i smoked it and people think it doesnt mess you up but it does. It also causes 1 in 5 people to become schizophrenic! Id stop if i was you. See now it could your actuall body being affected or it could just be your mind, you dont know, the weed has messed you up. Do you hear your phone ringing but its not? People call your name but there not there? You can predit the future? its all because of weed.

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wow thats a good call on the pot thing, but if its not there are other illness that could be the couse, best thing to do is seek a second doc and ask him.

My wife was ill for 2 years and we got throght 5 docs until the last one know what was wrong and had her in an op in 4 weeks.


Shes all better now so it shows to shop around for medic help.


Good luck with this one

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Keep going to more doctors until someone diagnosis and helps you. As for the pot thing, it affects different people in different ways. The first time this happened, had you taken a big puff? Seriously the heart racing thing and the pain sounds like your lungs felt on fire. Perhaps you should mention this to the doctor.

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Have you ever considered seeing a psychologist anyway to rule it out? I know you say "the pain isn't in my head" and that's true. HOWEVER, many many many physical manifestations of unknown origins are known to be psychologically triggered.


Have you had a rough childhood? Have you been abused? Have you been neglected or abandoned? If you get a sharp 'stabbing pain' in your gut just thinking of this, then yes, it's time to see a psychologist.


You're not crazy. If you can honestly say you've had the best upbringing and never felt alone or abandoned or abused, then keep going to doctors until you find out the right answer.


Also, give this a read...


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thanks for the replies,


i have had a brilliant upbringing and been very healthy so im definitely not stressed out! i cant remember if i had a puff when this occurred but i can remember having panic attacks more often since i took up marijuana again.


i have been off weed for nearly a month now and feel terrific on that front but this sickness is still really getting to me.


As for a psychiatrist i have been putting it off because i still feel its a physical problem, if i become more suicidal i will force myself to go see one.


My only option at the moment is to keep trucking away and try out different docs and methods. I'm still confident i can beat this god damn curse!

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Friend, why wait until you're 'more suicidal' to go to see a psychologist? They aren't monsters. In fact, I LOVE going to counseling! Undivided attention and true caring about me and my situation. What the heck is wrong with that?


At this point, you should rule everything out, absolutely everything. There are documented cases of people going BLIND from having a mental problem manifesting as a physical one. They never said "jee, it must be something not right inside me." They said, "Doc, what the heck!!! I'm blind!!!"


This has been 16 months! It's not like it's brand new...go and get an analysis done and rule that out! Wouldn't you want to strangle yourself if you went and after three sessions started feeling an alleviation of all your pain? You mentioned one of your symptoms is DEPRESSION...go to a psychologist! There's nothing wrong with going to one! They are there to help you.


Also, don't focus on being sick. Sit down everyday and visualize yourself well, with no pain and no problems. Keep positive and happy every single day. Every moment spent being negative, cursing your situation, etc only brings more of 'that' to you.


Look up "law of attraction" online...this isn't hooey. Go and take a peek. If you are willing to rule everything out, be willing to go out on a limb in every aspect. Psychology, accupuncture (a big one...go and try this), massage, reiki....doctors can't always see the root of the problem, they only know how to prescribe medications and hope for the best.


Try it, what do you have to lose?


Peace love and good vibes friend!

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dear beyond the sea (love this song!)


i have always been skeptical of pyschiatrists because i have always felt they stick their nose in other peoples business for no reason. However, i do realise the possitives they can help achieve. I will probably see one next week and make my own mind up. As the saying goes "can't knock something until you have tried it".


Unfortunately i doubt anyone has been in this horrible medical situation so i get really pissed off when everyone says "look on the bright side of life!".




i do get massages, i go out and surf whenever i get the chance, i play soccer. But it's just not that easy when you feel sick to the pit of your stomach 24 7! I can't even go out with my friends anymore because i know i would just be depressed and sick allthe time.


I'm not exactly the suicidal type of guy so im giving everything a chance, but what if i can't ever get better? as much as it hurts to say it i would much prefer to swhich off than to be miserable my whole life!

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