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Wow!! I can't believe he and I.....

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A few of you may know my story a little but here is a recap..sorry it is so long but to me there is quite a lot of feelings involved here (especially on my part) so it might seem complex..at least it feels that was to me..haha.


here it goes:











what happened last night.

he and I went out for a couple of drinks and talked and he said something about nedding to break up with his girlfriend ( she is long distance and he said he didn't think it will work out)..I was sort of shocked.because just a week before I had confess in a email that I had fallen in love with him,not that his wanting to break up with her was because of me.

I just told him I felt badly but I said you have to do what you need to do to be happy.

Then afterwards we went back to his apartment to his bedroom and we were sort of joking around and I sat on the bed with him and talked to him.

then I boldly asked if I could lay down with him,he said sure.so from there things got better \\

I am not getting too excited but I do think he feels for me more than he is leading on...prehaps I am wrong.So we were cuddling and holding each other & we kissed a little and I was pulling him closer to me and he said "I am not going anywhere".

Then I started to massage his chest and his abs and he was really liking it and giuded my hand and said "slower" and "like this" and ..stuff like that.

Then he said he would have fun teaching me things

I was like OMG!! but didn't say anything.

then he was saying how he would want to die if anything happened to me.

then he said "I love you" and I said I love you back to him.

he said "although I am being very loving towards you don't analize it too much" then he looked into my eyes.

he then took my hand and held it and sort of massaged it with his fingers.


I really don't know what is going on here .I thought I was in a dream or something..the guy I love in the same bed with me and doing this with me.


If anyone has any insight into this ..tell me I am not completley insane that he has some feelings for me.

I know he is not the type of guy that says I love you to everyone.


My life is just getting better and stranger by the minute..haha


btw...he said "just stay overnight" but I had to work in the morning

so I left and went home and had to do something if ya know what I mean

he made me so



Thanks Again ..& sorry it is so long.

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Things are moving at a good pace in a positive fashion. It seems as though you guy does have some feelings for you and wants to consider dating you or something to that nature. But, I would take it slow and be careful, esp since while getting closer to you, he also said "although I am being very loving towards you don't analize it too much". I would be careful because of those words. He may be confused about what he wants. He just broke up with his gf and may be just looking for someone for some spiritual, emotional, and physical comfort. If I were you, I would take it slow, dont be too eager with him, and I would slow down on the physical comfort. Give him some, but not everything. Take it slow. Make him want you. Dont just offer it all up to him on a dish. Otherwise, he wont value you or your relationship.

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Thank You renaissancewoman101



Well I have not given much to him ..yet.

He also said there is no rush and we can take it slow.

I was so nervous being that close to him ..but yet so comfortable and safe at the same time (if that makes any sense

I will take it slow ..even though that may prove to be difficult.


He also does not seem the kind of guy to say I love you to just anyone ...

who knows maybe he does love me (I hope)..anyway I will keep my fingers crossed and not get carried away either.

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