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Is there something really wrong with this?

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i'm 17, and my boyf is 29. 12 year age gap and we get along fine. Age is only as relevant as you let it be. I will be goin to uni next year, and he works everyday, but so far it is working for us. We've been together 10 months now, but we've known each other for a good couple of years


As long as you and this guy hav similar attitudes and you complement each other, age isn't a problem if you don't want it to be. Good luck

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Though I'm not dating anyone in particular,


The oldest I'll allow for me is about 27 or so. I have friends that are that age. And aslong as it's legal... then it's fine. Any older... I think it will have problems... because they know what they may want in life and I'm just starting to think on what I want to go for. Frustration, expiramenting, values differ. between different age groups. That's why I know I have to be cautious. And REALLY be compatable and also understand each other.


Good luck.

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Just be careful.


These are Dako's words from another age-gap poster (she is 30, he 18). The gap is close enough to yours, and Dako has stated exactly what I would say to your would-be-bf if I could: (just replace 'his' with 'her')


Do you think your presense in his life might delay his development among his peers? How would you really know he's ready for a heavy relationship at an age when many people are still exploring and looking for a niche? You have to admit to being powerfully influential in his life.


You are at an age where the men you choose to be with will have a large impact on the direction of your life.

If this guy turns out to be a selfish one, it could be real bad for you. The possibility exists for him to hurt you worse than any 18 yr old would know how to.


If you go for this: please don't give up the opportunities you would normally have to spend time with boys/girls your own age.

You'd really be missing out, and that would suck.


Good luck, no matter what you decide to do.

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I think either way,weather the boy is 17 or 26 you are going to get hurt in life.


I have known 17 year olds far more mature and grounded than myself.Age is no indicator of a person's character.


If you really like this guy and you get on well together I don't see how your differing ages subtracts any of that.

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