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Share the experience of setting dream/goal and in the process of acheiving it

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Have you set a goal to achieve your dreams?


Or are you in the process of achieving your dreams?


Have anyone of you achieve your dreams?


I constantly ask myself is this the life I want to be?


What does my future hold?


How do I afford my dreams?


Could someone share thier experience, whether you already reach there or at the starting point or you are in the process of acheiving it.


For me, I would like to retired early and be financial independent. - I am tired of working. I hope that the money would fall down from the sky..haha...


I want to go mountain climbing. -I have not achieve that yet, I still need to save enough money to go for it. It would be probably next year to do it.


I want to change my career.- My parents advice me not to quit my job yet, but I would like to change to other field. Plus my brother got fired from work.


I want to understands the meaning behind a set of figures. That is the reason I took up the CFA level 1. I would like be professional investment analyst. It would be a long road to take and I have to fund my studies. I would want to study up to PHD.


I would like to travel or backpack around the world- I am 24 now. Sometimes I wonder would I still consider back pack when I am in my 30s.


I guess a lot of my dreams incur money. I hope I am rich.

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Hi There,


I don't know about you but I know for me I am going to be 31 in just a few short months and I am just now working towards my dream, which is being a nurse. I graduate in December from nursing school. I am one of those people who tends to take the "long way" around to get to my goals. After high school I worked for 6 years before going to college and I went first for veterinary technology, which I did for 4 years. It was in the medical field, but no real interaction with human patients. I got comfortable there and I finally decided (with a little prodding from loved ones!) to go and pursue my nursing degree, at 28. Now, I am almost there, and it feels AWESOME. I've got a 3.98 GPA and would love to graduate with honors.


Of course, before I got there, I had to come up with a plan, (a reasonable one with logical steps) and set it in motion. Such as applying, writing the essay, working out the financial aid, taking some entrance exams, being accepted, working my tail of, and still doing it!


There is nothing wrong with making a career change later in life. I have alot of adult colleages in class who are doing the same, and I think adult students working on a second career tend to do very well in school and in the new field, because it took alot of courage and risk to make the change and for them, they have alot more invested.


I say go for it- you can, of course, do it!

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