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Have You Thought About Control?

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In this instance, I mean the power to direct or determine; as in "under control"


We cannot make a good move without being under control. Control over our life, our work, our wellbeing, our emotions, our time, our sleep, our moods. NC is another way of saying "withdraw from the fight, not necessarily the battle. Live to fight another day" (an army that is fighting uphill and losing, must retreat before it is lost).


If not, we are running around using up vital emotional energy, because we are out of control.


If we want to make a decision, be it to move on, date someone else, try and win them back, become a monk/nun whatever, we can do none of these things without control.


Neither can we control those things that are outside of our control. We must learn to tell the difference.


The two most powerful words of persuasion i.e. seduction? "Go Away".


If we actually do go away, those words lose their power. We regroup, reassess and then do what we want. If we want to rush back into battle, that would be our choice. For we have control.


Just because I can say it doesn't mean I can do it, but I am trying really hard.

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control requires focus, concetration and a positive attitude. Thats why many find themselves out of control. They are either negative about life 9even without realising) or they are not focused on whhere they're going.


"All his life has he looked away...to the future, to the horizon. Never his mind on where he was! What he was doing!"


Many focus on worrying about things they can't change. A problem starts, but instead of solving the problem and moving on most seem to talk about life being so unfair to them and generally worrying about the problem being there rather than doing something about it.


To be in control, we must not run from our problems but face them - otherwise they'll keep catching up with us!


if we all try and solve the problems in our life quickly then there will be less problems to deal with

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