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So long my friend


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Today is my last

Tonight will be my last

Its time for me to leave this world

Leave all my pain

Never have to see day light again

Never have to cry one more tear

Only need to tie rope around my neck

Just like my father

Please dont say my life is worth living

Coz i know its not

So please dont lie to me

Just be happy, and surport me what i am about to do

And thats all i am asking from you

Dont cry coz i am gone

Smile coz i am now happy

So long my friend

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Do you see the tears i cry?

Do you see how broken i am?

Do you even care i am going to die?


Did you ever love me?

Did you ever think about me?

Did you ever see me?


Why did you hurt me?

Why did you lie to me?

Why did you cheat on me?


Am i really that hopless?

Am i a freak?

Am i just someone you wanted to hurt?


Was i really nothing to you?

Was i just someone you wanted to make fun off?

Was i to depressed?


Why am i even asking?

I already know i am a loser

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