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how can i help my friend

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my friend is in love with 2 girls and she dont know what to do she want to be friends with on and have the other on here gf but when she try to tell the other girl she just want t be friend the other girl say to chouse me or her and she loves them both and she is on the talking about suadie because she cant chouse between. i dont know what i can tell her i want to help her out because she is my best friend and if i ever need her she is there and if she ever need me im here but i dont know what to do i i know how much she loves them both i know because thats all she talks about its how much she loves them but i know that one of the girls are working and trying to get enuf $ to move up there. i want to help my friend she dont need to killherself over somtheing so bad at this she dont need to killher self at all.

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can you take your friend to see a counsellor?


you are right, she does not need to kill herself, it is not the answer


maybe your friend should take a break from dating? just be friends with both girls and not date either of them?


please tell an adult if you think your friend is going to try to commit suicide, counsellors can talk to her about how she feels.


good luck


p.s. i like the cat in your photo, she looks like my cat rosie.

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no i really cant take her to a counsellor because she lives far away from me, i have been talking to her and she is not going to do anything dum or she says she is not and i have been talking to her all day yesterday and im talking to her all day today.


hey babe is this about me cuz this really does sound like me taht your talking about or is it kat

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