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Style Girls Opinion please

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can I butt in? OK so I'm not a girl but have been in a similar situation to you in that I have taken girl's advice on how best to dress.


I would say the most important thing is that it suits you, and that means different things to different people. Stick with earthy tones such as browns and khakis for the backbone of your clothings and then add splashes of colour such as a scarf... not too many different colours though, a belt or a t-shirt beneath your shirt or jacket... layered clothes look good, like if you have a light fitting long sleeved top with a jacket over and a plain coloured t-shirt under and if it's windy, then a light scarf that will blow in the wind looks quite good... but it's really all about who you are and what you want your clothes to say about yourself.

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I basically liked what ^^^^^ had to say EXCEPT:


possibly lay off the scarf if you live in the US unless you are blatanly homosexual...lol


I was just about to say, but you said it for me!


I remember a time when they were in for guys and gals back in the mid to late 80s, but I would think a guy in the US wearing a scarf was a little 'light in the step'. Not a bad thing, unless of course you're trying to attract women!

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earthy colors mean the range of colors from brownish greens to yellowish browns, all relatively dark. Khakis are a good example. Absolutely not bright colors! I wear those a lot myself, seem to work very well. And I disagree about scarf, it was fashion last year and everyone seemed to wear those and it wasn't a problem. I would however dress in a way that looks always good, no matter what the fashion says - playing with colors and cuts that work for me well and I can carry well, avoiding these typical trendic stuff that are soon out and you have to change your wardrobe....

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