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Ok.. so here is the situation

I know a girl who is going out with a friend of mine. Now the guy himself is a nice guy and he is nice to her but he cheats on her constantly and I know this for a fact. The girl is such a sweet girl and I really like her but the fact is I think that she should deserve to know that this is going on.. especially because they have been going out for a year. Now I'm also afraid that my friend would go after me if he found out I told her, because I am one of the few people that actually knows this. So what do I do?

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I agree with Ians Mommy, dont get involved, there is no win for you. Your friend will hate you because you betrayed his trust and his girlfriend will hate you too because you knew all along. Besides denying the alligation if your friend should ask, you're smackdab in the middle of an ugly situation.

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First of all, look after yourself. As a champion of truth myself, I know how much you want to get in there, and take all the bullets and defuse the situation.


Second, you said you really like her. Instant conflict of interests, your friend will hate you if you go to her. Not to mention it will upset her. Have you thought about putting pressure on him to shape up or dump her? Oh and he's not a nice guy if he goes and cheats on her and doesn't stop, but yeah, he's your friend so you do have some obligation not to turn on him without warning. Talk to him about it.

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