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couldnt resist

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If it's bad, it's only bad for you and your sanity. If her previous attempts to let you know that she isn't interested in anything more weren't enough to convince you that she's not interested in anything further, ask her again. Very direct and upfront, but her words and actions all point very much in one direction, and that is "I'm not interested in you any more."


You are worth much more than those items so let them slip, they are all replaceable. And you won't find the answer in your pain through her since she is the source.

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so we talked...she says she wants me...she doesnt want me to move on, but she does only because its best for me...but how can i move on knowing she wants me? She said her having slept with another complicates things and some other things cause the confusion, so she doesnt know what she wants or is going to do.

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Well when she says she wants you, she's lying to you. It's for very selfish reasons that she's saying it too. Until you're able to take a step back and see the big picture, you will just be caught in this cycle of emotions. It's up to you to break out.


If you were to ask her "Do you want to get back together with me right now?" and she were to give you anything other than a yes, what she's really saying is "I don't want to get back together with you--ever."

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