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I used to have this massive crush on my gay boss years ago though of course it being hugely inappropriate to make any kind of moves, I just kept silent.


He stopped being my boss and moved on to another department in the organization after a few years.


But guess what? He's baackkkk. So, should, should I not?? How does one hitn on a gay boss subtly so that it's not too obvious but yet he would sorta know what my intentions very discreetly?

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Oh, I don't think you should do this. It could get VERY complicated.


Ever see the movie "Disclosure?"


Office romance, especially with the boss, is a dangerous slippery slope. What if the two of you end up breaking up? Then YOU are the one that's screwed...


I know you may like him, but if I were really serious I would find another job first...Then approach.

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