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wasting of my time for 3years...

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So you were not even really PLANNING to meet?


I have to be honest, I definitely would not get involved in a LDR for three years with someone I never had met, or were meeting regularly.


And I sure would not want to "give up my life" over someone I had never met either!


Why does he think he is stupid for "believing"? Believing what?


Sweetie, it is not a waste, but it is a lesson, and an opportunity to grow.

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Oh, I see what you mean now, you met and dated IN person for a month first, sorry I did not understand what you were saying!


Anyway, I am sorry honey. I can only imagine how you would feel like it was "wasted" after all this time, but don't feel that way. Even long relationships in person end, and can have people feeling this way. But it isn't, it's still a chance to grow from it, even if you don't see it yet.


All you can do is trust that time will heal, and get out there and live your life...go out with friends, get involved in your hobbies (or find new ones), workout (great for stress and positivity!) and just rediscover whom you are.

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That is difficult. LD relationships can be even more work then in person too. Its hard to put so much work and effort into something then end up with seemingly nothing. RayKay is right any kind of relationship can end though. I know you must feel awful right now. My relationship of 4 years that started ld online for several months at first ended recently so I know the feeling of hopelessness and all the plans and dreams disappearing in an instant. Hang in there.

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