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Any advice would be great!

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I've been dating/seeing this guy, not really what to call it for almost two months, but he calls it a relationship of some kind because of the emotional attachment. i really like him and he has shared his feelings with me somewhat. in general i know he likes me a lot. but heres the problem we have both been hurt badly in the past, i know it takes time to let things heal. we've spent almost everday together, and then just recently he wanted to take a break from me and the other women, because things where getting very complicated. he has decided he didn't want anything to do with the other girl, but there are still all of the other girls around i guess for him to just have around...during this break, well after about a week of not seeing eachother, he told me he missed me and missed talking to me, which is something i know he didn't want to feel, but i am truly the only one he likes and talks about everything, now my feelings for him a really starting to grow and we try to talk about things, but he's really afraid or something and sometimes just shuts everything down. what makes it worse is i know i want to be with him and i know he wants to be with me, but he is also in a us touring band so he will be gone a lot and he's not sure he would want a girlfriend because of the trust and the jealousy being there. my question is how do i get him to open up to me without pushing him into anything. i want to know how he truly feels about me. we've talked about just walking away from this whole thing, but he told me he's afraid of losing me. i thought about giving up and to just walk away from this becuase i don't want to get hurt, but i can't walk away from something that could be great in the end, can i? I need some advice. I'm so lost and confused.

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Well its actually easy, just go out with him and have a great time, that way you'll show him that you have no intentions of hurting him, and keep on putting love and light into the relationship. Just push him into it, that's harmless and actually good for him as long as you don't put darkness and hatred into his life, or start making arguments, you see even small arguments act like poison, and can lead to a big break up, be sure you don't give that wheel of hatred another spin. So again only put love and light into his life.Make it a joint venture and fun for both of you,although that will require an investment from both of you, don't wait , no action = no reaction. So be sure to show some action.

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