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When Will People Hear The Truth

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How come when we experience a reaction to things in society that are not deemed by shrinks etc as normal it is seen as a disorder. Who comes up with these names and who is to say that sometimes it is perfectly normal to be suspicious of our surroundings. The truth has to come out and people are usually perfectly normal and get conditioned into thinking there is something wrong so evil pharmaceutical companies profit. Tell the truth and sound insane. Shut up and people perish in a cess pool of lies and deceptions and chemicals.

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The truth that first persecutes you, is the "truth" that sets you free. To accept a notion of truth that it is an individual experience, means that there is often no universal truth. I suppose this begs your point that society deems a number of things as "normal" and "not normal". Clearly over history, a number of things that are accepted as "normal" nowdays were viewed as disorders and worse in the past.

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I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts Gecko.


I am not debating what is or is not truth but just query why it is that in society so many people accept what they are told and feel intimidated to question this or ask why. I think it is good to think for yourself and ask questions, not be moulded into a zombie that accepts anything as gospel.


Yesterday I saw a sea eagle right in front of me sitting on a tree branch with a fish under its claw, looking out to the lake.

I did not notice it at first because I was looking out at the middle of the lake where there were a group of pelicans.

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I am an example of a so called disorder. I have ADD. My friend is a bit liberal in her field of psychology because she doesn't believe that I have a disorder. She believes that my brain is wired differently than a "normal" brain. Like schools thinking that we should fit into a certain mold. I hope this is part of what you are talking about, MI Shell. If not, sorry.

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I guess I am saying that all to often people can jump to conclusions that someone has a certain disorder and give them a label. I think it is important to look at all options eg diet, lifes circumstances, etc because sometimes we can be having a normal reaction to an abnormal situation and other things may be better for us than jumping into medication without looking at or trying some other things first. eg a change of diet, more sleep, a holiday or just someone understanding to talk to...maybe a pet to cuddle.


People may have things happening in their life that could easily be dismissed as a disorder but I am saying that we could take more control of our health by striving to look at all possible solutions.

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Wow, I certainly didn't know about TeenScreen. Thanks for sharing the article. I hate it when "professionals" think that because a child acts a certain way they should be placed on medication. "Professionals" do not look at the circumstances in that child's life that could be causing this problem, lets medicate him or her and get few thousand dollars.


Sorry its just that I have been through this.

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My top reasons for so many disorders-


1) Labelling things as problems- especially treatable ones, helps to define what is and isn't acceptable in society and remove/disarm unwanted elements


2) People, especially young people- are prone to label themselves with disorders in order to cope with "being incredibly unhappy and not knowing why"


3) (2 1/2 maybe) People identify their problems to gain acceptance and also to excuse their actions. For example "miserable people who don't change the things in their life that they need to change" are "bipolar"- which is easier than making big changes (I'm not being flippant- I believe its nigh on impossible for someone in that situation to make changes)- but their acceptance of their illness makes them more prone to mood swings


4) ADD is the prime case of this. In many cases it should be called "I'm young and/or very selfish and I'll do what I please disorder". (IYVSIDWIPD)


Let's take patient A for example- suprisingly insightful young guy:

"I have mild ADD- which means you might be saying something (I'm not interested in) and I'll walk away. Or more likely.... you'll say something I'm not comfortable with and I'll zone you out and blame it on my disorder to avoid dealing with it".


5) Being sick is cool. People in famine-stricken countries don't get ADD because theey have to concentrate. But since we don't we can relax. But since we're all so comfortable there's nothing to strive for we have to find some serious problems to make us feel a little bit alive.


6) Today I'm wearing my armani jeans, shoes by prada and my Narcissistic personality disorder. I'm drinking a tall one and a half shot skinny cappucino (please leave the lid off and can you put the sugars in for me).

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Wow that was a rant- anyway I might be about to bring down the wrath of a million gameheads but I don't think ADD is a particularly valid disorder- or at least ridiculously broad in its definition. I'm from England and I'd never heard of it until I moved to Japan - and half the Americans who live here say that they have it.


I think it's a disorder in the same way not being able to play the piano is a disorder- all it takes it is a bit of practise. Sit in a room on your own for a week with a book and you'll be cured.

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MI shell I lifted this from that article-


"In the case of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, here are the 14 symptoms that appeared in the 1987 DSM. Remember, a child found to have eight of them was deemed to have ADHD.

Number one is often fidgets or squirms;

two is trouble staying in one's seat;

three is easily distracted;

four is can't wait one's turn;

five is blurts out answers;

six is trouble following instructions;

seven is can't sustain attention;

eight is shifts from one activity to another;

nine doesn't play quietly;

10 talks excessively;

11 interrupts;

12 can't listen;

13 loses things;

14 does dangerous things, thrill seeking and so on."


That is totally ridiculous- I'll add my own

15 doesn't have clever parents

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