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I dunno why im posting here and i dunno why im posting this. i just feel like it. I'm sitting here crying cos my friend has had an argument and is really upset. just spoke to her on the phone. she went to talk to the ppl shes havin the argument with. i wanted to help her, cheer her up but i did a * * * * job of it. i really want to help her. she said shed been crying, i didnt no wot to say. i just want her to be ok.

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If you feel like talking about it there's a lot of people here to give advice. You're very welcome to come with any problems at all. We don't know you so the is one of themost secure ways to talk about your problem. It's important to remember that you are not alone. Many othershave had your problem and are glad if they can help or contribute to give you any kind of peace.


The general advice I could give in the situation is to talk to her and lesten to what she has to say , what happened and just let her talk about it and show her you're there for her. She needs to know she has people who cares about her. She just needs a friend, she needs you.

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Thank you. She hasn't really told me what the argument was about. I'm seeing her tomorrow and I just don't know how to handle it. Should I ask her about it straight away or should I just let her tell me if she wants to in her own time? I don't want to come accross that I don't care, cos I really do. I am here for her to talk to, but she's not really saying much!! Do I probe? Or do I ignore?

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Why don't you say, 'How are you feeling today?' Then when she answers you say, 'Is the problem anything I can help you with?' Then if she opens up just listen on the other hand if she says, 'I'd rather not.' Then just say, 'Ok, but you know where I am if you need me.' That's what I do.


Good luck

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