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wont give my clothes back!!

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well if you dont know my story u can read one of my other posts . .but to make a long story short . . . . she broke up with me 4.5 months ago and was with another guy in a week . . still said she wants to get back together sometime and all that junk . . shes still with him now and i have been NC for 2 months although she has contacted me 6 times but i havent answered . . . . so anyways the last time i talked to her about 2 months ago i asked if i could have my clothes back (3 hoodies, 1 shirt and a pair of shorts) and she said she really wants to keep them . . .. ... I dont get it? y would she wanna keep my clothes? i know the stuff i had of hers i put away because its to hard to look at them . . .what do u guys think?

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i don't understand people who want to keep clothes or anything. when i go through a breakup, it's easier for me to move on if i don't have them anywhere around me. however, i have given clothes back and then wished i hadn't. like yesterday. i am hoping i'll be able to get them back.......some people like to keep clothes and trinkets to remember good times and feel loved, i think. i'd say it's a good sign she wants to keep them. she doesn't wnat to part with you just yet. altho it's a bit odd if she's dating some other guy.

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Ugh, I would just go shopping rather than deal with the drama of "fighting" with her to get them back. I would ask her for them back, and if she says NO, just forget it.


She is keeping them because she associates them with emotional memories (yes, people can do this even with clothes... But they ARE they are YOURS and you are entitled to them and she has no right to keep them if you are broken up so I would ask for them again. If you still don't get them...just buy new ones...

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My ex kept mementos from our relationship. I also gave him all the mementos I had-- including photo albums and souvenoirs from our vacations together. He was puzzled, and said he would "keep them for me" in case I wanted them back later, and said he hoped I would want them back. He also said he would cherish our memories and miss making more memories. Then he left me crying in a transportation center (we were on the phone) and never looked back (except to email me at his convenience).

Anyway, be happy the clothes are gone-- let them be her baggage. Go shopping and feel liberated.

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yes i dont plan on asking for them back and breaking NC!! . . ITS true what they say that u heal much better not talking to the person . . .. im still not completely over her but i am doing much better since i started the NC! . . . I just didnt understand why she wanted to keep them . ..i mean i asked her and she said if i really have to have them she would give them back but she said she would rather keep them . .. just dont understand it . . .it would make it harder for me

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its just weird to me . . and now that i think of it . . when her and her bf from hs broke up(they were together for 3 years) . . she told me that she took all of his things back to his house when he wasnt home . . .. but then again he was the one that broke up with her so maybe its different. . . i dunno

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