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what are the hints for a girl on girl?

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hi i had posted my questions jus yest... please do reply to them on loveualot....girl liking girl....neways..i have this question... what are the deadd givaway hints that u can tell a girl really wants sumthing from you ... if you a girl? besides eye glances n all ...

i would appreciate if you all would write down your experiences ... thanks!

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I don't if this is something you're interested in but it is a guide catered to Lesbians and the Flirting matter:


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For me you have the eye contact element, but being close and what you can get away with comfortably helps too. The above article I quoted gives quite a few examples. One major is sitting close enough that the thighs touch BUT beware, Lesbians can have a tendency to scoot over regardless in an attempt to be polite and give the woman more room. I've did this and didn't even give it a second thought whether it was the woman trying to be close and express interest.


The hands are a major sign, and little touches IF the woman is not usually the touchy feely kind of woman. If you seem rather special to her, then keep your interest, might be a sign to keep in mind. For me, I've learned I do the oddest things when I've been flirting with a woman, according to my girlfriend. I unknowingly will touch her arm, shoulder, thigh without even really noticing I'm doing it. I will tilt my head too, and you will see flirting manuals that say a lot of women expose their neck when they flirt and I suppose this would be my equivalent to that.


Moving closer and mirroring the other person's body language, particularly the sitting position is good to note as well. When two people are comfortable with one another or on the opposite end - scared witless but most interested, they will usually assume the same sitting posture.


Then conversation, if you can verbally start flirting, you can pick up on so much more and feel whether it is casual platonic or mutual interest.

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geewell you all thanks...once we were playing the who blinks first game... n we were like just 20 cm from each other staring into each others eyes... n my god to me it felt so good...as if for a split second our souls connected... i think it felt the same with her...maybe

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wow that wouldd be amazing but tis too dangerous...hehe...she keeps smsing alot as to wat she is doin..even like 5 words...like im watching this movie...and the movie was nice....or....sumthing or the other...like even when she is ut with her frnds... n busy she will message me in the middle of sumthing...in the sense she takes time out jus to let m know her details!!!

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waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! im still not sure you all.....hmmmmmmm jus today i sent her a sms..ANYONE CAN SAY I LOVE YOU....PEOPLE WHO reallyY LOVE YOU DO SO WITH THEIR ACTIONS AND NOT JUS THIER WORDS....and she replied back with was it meant for me...or sumone else...so im like 'of course its meant for you.'....

now wat does this mean... ikonw hints coming on... but i always have this 50-50 thoguht like is she isnt she....help me.

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I really dont know how you have held back as long as you have, i would be going crazy right about now. She likes you ALOT or she would of said something to you if she didnt. You two are both crazy for each other but scared the other one might not like ya back

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kita i am goin crazy... imagine having to act like normal around her when im actually loving her menatally...hmmmm when she messaged back like wa it meant for me or sumone else....well actually d day b4 we were talking bout a guy who pretenedd he loved me...was a year back..n d topic had jus cum up...so i think she meant to say did i message HER OR WAS T INDIERCLY ABOUT HIM.i msge back like no its for u...of course it can be dat she does like me n wanted to confirm it...dont know...i live in a country actually where anything besides normal is ike o nooooooooo n all.. of course there are many bisexuals n all....so thats y im careful enough not to spoil our relation dsince 8 years....but i will keep trying..thanks kita

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yest we met up n were like supposed to b e hardly 15 min wid each other..but we ddeciededdd to have sumthing to drink n spent like 2 hours jus sitting at a restaurant..n talking... nthen she asked me..u didnt notice sumthing on me...im like wat? n then shes like i got a new t shirt...then im like o yeah its nice...wats this supposed to mean...

i know i wont lose her to sumone else coz i konw how close she is to me n no one can replace myself to her...n its really tough asking her ...jus too scared..

yest we were talking on the phone...n were gigling n laughing n she was making fun of my accent...n repeating wat is was telling her .i have a foreign accent...jus like u mimick sumone...then we both burst out laughing..

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