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  1. see purple if she felt the same way bout HIM guess she would have put up his pic n her pic.... but no she did think of u n put up pics of u too...i know that i do this sumtimes too on messanger ...wehn im chatting with her fiance.....hehe neways...sumtimes even she puts up a pic of me n her in her cell|!!!! so i do think she is trying to make u blurt it out....coz inside she knows u hiding sumtihng n wants u TO TELL NOT HER...SO TRY ....n try to tell her like that u r goin out with a friend etc...n see her reaction to it soon.!!!!
  2. im in the same situation since like 3 years..i think wat u doin is right.. if it hurts u ignore her.. i mean it will hurt initially but soon will be ok....being around sumone u love.. without sumthing said is painful..
  3. yeah dont worry things will be fine if u stick up for yourself...and her too when she needs it.. dont worry
  4. i understand dear.. i am in the SAME situation...i think u both need each other n are not able to express your love...i mean..y would she get upset..with things u do.....i believe physical closeness does mean sumthing...i had my friend over to my place like for 3 days n we were very close... at night too...like she putting her legs on me n sleeping very close...u have a gut feeling i mean.. butl ike you i have yet not been able to tell her my feelings... n i nkow i vant live without her jus like you dear...i think u should try other activites n social gathering that may keep u away from her even your thoughts.. its tough but at one point it becomes less...
  5. yeah i do think that most of the population may b e gay o r bisexual but its like u have social pressure ntaboos followed..so u are supposed to think its wrong...i guess
  6. yest we met up n were like supposed to b e hardly 15 min wid each other..but we ddeciededdd to have sumthing to drink n spent like 2 hours jus sitting at a restaurant..n talking... nthen she asked me..u didnt notice sumthing on me...im like wat? n then shes like i got a new t shirt...then im like o yeah its nice...wats this supposed to mean... i know i wont lose her to sumone else coz i konw how close she is to me n no one can replace myself to her...n its really tough asking her ...jus too scared.. yest we were talking on the phone...n were gigling n laughing n she was making fun of my accent...n repeating wat is was telling her .i have a foreign accent...jus like u mimick sumone...then we both burst out laughing..
  7. she said if she were a lesbian...sum straight people would never mention dat.. i think she wants to make u jealous or etiher is trying to brush u down n humiliate you...nex time u wid her...alone ask her very very seriuosly...why she saidd dat... n mention dat straight girls wouldnt have said dat..see her reaction.....n say dat it hurt u....if she really cares for u she will say sorry...try it...
  8. we meeting up tomorow evening...in the city...for job search again...
  9. kita i am goin crazy... imagine having to act like normal around her when im actually loving her menatally...hmmmm when she messaged back like wa it meant for me or sumone else....well actually d day b4 we were talking bout a guy who pretenedd he loved me...was a year back..n d topic had jus cum up...so i think she meant to say did i message HER OR WAS T INDIERCLY ABOUT HIM.i msge back like no its for u...of course it can be dat she does like me n wanted to confirm it...dont know...i live in a country actually where anything besides normal is ike o nooooooooo n all.. of course there are many bisexuals n all....so thats y im careful enough not to spoil our relation dsince 8 years....but i will keep trying..thanks kita
  10. i think her bday will be a perfect time...say 12 am...coz she will be ddelightedd neways coz of he bday ... n u proposing would be a better thing on her....try it ..firdst gift her all her bday gudies...next one by one sinlge out on her proposemnet gift(the ring) n look in her eyes n deeply say i love you.....
  11. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! im still not sure you all.....hmmmmmmm jus today i sent her a sms..ANYONE CAN SAY I LOVE YOU....PEOPLE WHO reallyY LOVE YOU DO SO WITH THEIR ACTIONS AND NOT JUS THIER WORDS....and she replied back with was it meant for me...or sumone else...so im like 'of course its meant for you.'.... now wat does this mean... ikonw hints coming on... but i always have this 50-50 thoguht like is she isnt she....help me.
  12. yeah but do u remember if u spoke in ur sleep or not... n does she love u back n ready to marry...i wanna know ddat so then maybe can help u
  13. i think u shoul d really ask her very sincerely n casually like what happened n all to the good times n all.be there for her when she needds you and keep yourself in contact with her without looking like u really need her....call her up sumtimes ask her how is she...or if she wouldd like to see a pic...n all this ddear very casually....let us know what all happens...
  14. abby12....jealousy is a factor to look out for in any relationship...the extent of it....n when its like too much n all...im sure there is an underlying thought...coz in many cases i have seen...theses thoughts are like subconscious which may be true....the bes part is u both know each other since 5 years.....a long time to have respect n all...so stick widd her pal...sumthing may jus pop up i hope... it does seem so....see my other posts n what others have written to me like hangouts n tips..it may work.... i know how you mus be feelimg dear..its hard.....eventually things will go in for a gud turn....all the best!!!keep us upddatedd dear....
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