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Update On The Date With The Husband !!

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Hi all

well for those of you that have read my story on my husband that left me 4 mths ago as he depressed / cant cope with responsibility..here is the latest update...

went out last night for a meal....same place as last time !!!

it was better this time..not as strained and he finally started to open up abt his issues...he did see the counsellor for the 1st time 2 days previous....

he is quite disturbed abt many things ..the worst thing is this obsession / fear of dying...


he did say 'sorry' to me for not been able to live with me / for not been able to give back love..he said he just couldnt cope with having people rely on him...but he said he would have to see what happens when he starts this therapy....


he said if he didnt have feelings for me we wouldnt be sat in the car snuggled up together ( which we did for an hour last nite) ..he said if he thought it was over we would be talking divorce..not sat there with his arms round me...

he made no promises...as he had much to sort in his head..

i was very proud of myself as i put NO pressure on him...i said to him that him resolving his issues was the most important thing at the moment....and i told him i would be here supporting him...

its hard as i am so in love wiht him..and when i see him my stomach still gets the butterfly feeling...

it was lovely to snuggle in the car ..he had his arm round me and i even put my hand on his leg which he was fine about,....we kissed a little...and i did get glimpses of the husband i used to know..we laughed about things and he even took an interest in what i was up to...and my family...etc..

was hard leaving him..but am trying to be positive...as we have come a long way in the last 4 mths..

there were times i wanted to give up..but i think he and our marriage is worth it...yes i know it may all end in failure...but i lknow i want to give it my all so i can say well at least i tried...


and yes i even have a funny story to tell abt our date.......I wore a beautiful new dress last night...it was black 50's style / very fitted & full skirt ....I'd had my hair done...I looked gorgeous ( well someone has to say it !! LOL) I looked very classy like a blonde Audrey Hepburn.....you get the picture ...girls ????

As I walked elegantly accross the car park to meet him a huge gust of wind blew my dress completely up so he and everyone else got a huge eye full of me in my undies......I COULDNT BELIEVE IT !!!!.... Luckily for me ( and i have always been told this by my mother in case of a traffic accident) I had on very nice underwear..so I still looked cool !!!! LOL

I have to say though my husband smiled and i think i even saw a glint in his eye !!!!!!!!!!!!..and when I got close to him he actually patted me on my behind !!!!!! Ah bless....perhaps for a split second he fancied me again...so perhaps I shud thank God for sending that gust of wind at that time LOL


take care all you guys....and girls..the moral of the story is ALWAYS wear nice undies....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Glad it went well. Keep doing what you are doing and let him sort out his affairs. Continue to be there for him but don't push him. Find other outlets for your emotional needs; even though he can't be replaced, you won't build up all sorts of anxiety.


Good job on picking out the right delicates.

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delighted that it went well. Well done for keeping it together. All you've got to do now is keep it together some more! You will be a paragon of strength and dignity -with some sexiness thrown in. In other words don't let your guard down if he is showing any hint of a way in. Not yet, not for a while until he is much more sorted. It sounds like if he makes a positive move you might let go and declare love etc. But don't, keep cool basicaly.

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