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So sad..

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Yep, feeling sad also. Controlled pretty well at the moment but if things get much worse it won't be.


Fallen out with a long time friend today. Hes been a good friend for about 3 years - Today he insulted me beyond reason.



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I'm feeling sad about alot of things, one big one though is that the person I love is on the other side of the world and I haven't even seen her in real life. Isn't that weird? I feel sad about almost everything now, even when I see a happy picture, it makes me really sad...anyone felt that way too?

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yup - i too am feeling sad. it's an on and off thing lately. i know how beautiful life can be, and yet every once in awhile i am reminded of what is missing in my life - someone to share my life with, someone to talk to every once in awhile, that sort of thing. i can't help but feel sad at those times in particular.

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