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ice crystals

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Smile empty soul, let go for a while

You walk on shards of glass and rusty needles

shaided eyes can't hide how you feel


What can your eightballs truley replace

Ice crystals fill your hollow glass place

melt it away, then blow it back in my face


Your heart stops and you drop the glass

I'll cut your wrists with the scraps

my gift to you....racing thoughts and bloody hands


Never sleep to dream, for you awake is dreaming


You're starting to come down,

you know you have some more

A million pens and sheets of paper decorate the floor


This life has you nailed to the wall

afraid to take the nails out? are you too afriad to fall?

why can't you see???....you already fell!!!!!!!

And it's not you at all, It's me who's traped in this hell.

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