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Dating new guy, where's my confidence?


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I met a wonderful man at the beginning of July. We have basically seen each other almost every single day since then. If we don't see each other, we are texting each other throughout the day and speak on the phone. I dig this guy alot. I'm pretty confident he digs me too. Especially since we have spent a lot of time together.


Here's my problem The last person I was serious about... hurt me bad. This was about 3 years ago. I thought he was WAY into me, when in fact, he wasn't. Which leads me to my problem. I have ZERO confidence in myself or my new relationship. I'm having a hard time believing someone as great as the new guy I'm dating, would actually be into ME. I do believe I'm a "catch" but I can't get it through my head to actually relax and believe that this guy does like me.


I guess im just expecting to get dumped since that's what happened last time someone "great" came into my life. any suggestions? Shall I just keep looking at all the positives that have been going on (there are NO negatives yet...). How can I get my confidence up?

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Well first off you are normal! Many who have been burned in the past move forward in life too cautiously for their own good! Don't wreck this relationship because your eyes are fixed on your rear view mirror! Yes, what happened three years ago was bad and I'm sure it hurt but why let it hurt a new relationship. This is not about confidence, it's about trust and opening your heart up to someone else. You can have all of the confidence in the world but not trust someone with your heart, thus destroying any chances at a good relationship. He is with you, you are with him and you are both on equal ground. Enjoy the relationship and leave the past behind you.



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