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how do you do you do nc with the person living on the same property? how do I handle this ? I was horrible last year,, I refuse to put myself through that again ,I will not be looking for him etc.etc.etc. but we live next door to each other on the same land,, I know he feels he knows my every move how do I get the effect of nc with him being around all the time...

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How long have you been broken up with this guy again? Best I can tell this is the same guy that you have posted about for quite a while( over a year) now on ENA.


IF I were you, and you intend to stay parted from this guy, then I would MOVE from that property, and find yourself a new place. IF you can't move then ignore him and go on about the business of living your life.


Are you hoping to eventually get back together with this guy or what? If this is the same guy that you have been involved with for many years, then I wouldn't even entertain the idea of having a relationship with him if I were you.


I just went back and read your entire history with this guy.

He has treated you badly, damaged your truck, cheated on you, tells you he never wants to get married......... I say MOVE away from that property and get a new life going for yourself.

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