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i hope someone can help me!!!

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This is my situation

I was married and our relationship ended and we are now divorced.

Now i like this guy i am not sure if he likes me.He works with my ex not directly or anything but just at the same place but different shifts and they are not really friends or anything and my ex has moved on and has someone else so i know it wouldnt cause any conflict or anything.

Anyways i really like this guy but i am not sure how to let him know i am interested.I am way to shy to and so talking to him is not an option because i know i can not bring myself to approach him especially because i am not sure if he even feels the same.So what are some other ways that i can kind of let him know i am interested without actually having to talk to him directly.

i wish i werent so shy but i am so please anyone who can help me.

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humm this is a hard one. So you want to let him know you like him but you do not want to go up and talk to him. I have a few questions. Do you and your EX still talk? Do you know who his frinds are? you are not giving much to work with.

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Sorry for not giving much to go on maybe thats why i didnt get many responses

Ok my ex and i we dont talk anymore.I do know who his friends are though thats how i know that this guy is not one of his friends or anything.

I would be willing to write this guy a letter explaining how i feel or get one of my friends to tell him or something (I know it doesnt sound very mature or anything but) anything to avoid talking to him face to face like i said i am so very very shy and terrified of face to face rejection.I was in an absice relationship before and that pretty much took all my self esteem away.I know if i saw him in some kind of social situation or something that i could probably flirt with him.

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