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work outs...whens the best time?

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im on a quest to gain 20-30lbs. ive been very lean for my entire life.

i was never into lifting weights. i played soccer year round for 18+ years.

im 29, 5'-11" tall and wieght approx 145lbs. i was told by a trainer and ex bobybuilder buddy of mine that my body fat % was like 4-5%. thats from taking measurments by him.


i understand that i need to increase my protein and carbs and calories aswell. i want to start eating healthier and start working out with weights.


im confused as to when i should plan my workouts?

do i chug a protein shake in the morning and hit the gym for 5:00am or do i go after work when ive had most of my meals and protein shakes?

is it based on my schedule? or do i need to change my schedule to workout at the most efficient times??

this hole working out thing is alittle intimidating to be honest.

any advice would be greatly apperciated. im a newbe.

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i'm going to sound like i get commission for this, but check this website out:


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i bought the book, it cost me ~$100. it's quite possibly the most overpriced thing i've bought. it's not that thick/long, so it's like $.40-.50/page. but you know what you provides you? it gives you a basis of exactly how to start and what to do. when you surf the web, you can information about various types of programs, but they're often incomplete and don't give you the whole picture. this book is pretty thorough in that it tells you a) what you need to eat, b) what exercises you need to do, c) how often you need to eat, d) recommended supplements to take. everything in the book, you will find this info online (there is nothing magical in the book). but the difference is that it's bundled together in one simple plan for a beginner (like me) to follow. there's also a great website that you get access to where people (people like you and me on the program) are very supportive and answer your questions.


once you read the book which is fairly quick, it will give you a good understanding of gaining weight and you can begin to look at websites with an informative eye.


my progress (i'm 6ft): 135 -> 150 pounds in 2 months and i'm growing every week. i'm lifting heavier weights every week (15 -> 25lb bicep curls, 70lb -> 100lbs+ deadlifts, etc). when i take my shirt off, i feel like i look very cut (lol, that was embarrassing to say). my arms are definitely more cut. definitely gaining more self-confidence in my looks though i'm still pretty skinny (haha, all my relatives tease me relentlessly).


anyways, there's nothing magical about working out and the specific times you need to work out. i go 3 times a week (i do it mon, wed, fri) after work around 5-7pm. i spend only a hr in the gym, don't talk to anyone, just listen to music and hit the weights.


as far as when to eat/drink with relation to your workout. people recommend eating some protein (like protein shake) 1 hr before you workout. after you workout, people recommend drinking dextrose/maltodextrin (a form of sugar) and protein WITHIN 1 hr after you workout (you'll read a lot about the important "60 minute" window).

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My brother and bf gained weight by drinking protein shakes after their workouts. You should also eat of lot of lean meat such as grilled chicken, lean steak, fish, etc. I was told that you have to be very consistent when you're working out. My bf told me that if he doesn't go to the gym for more than a week or two, that his strength will go down. If you don't have too much experience in weightlifting, I would suggest that you get a trainer at the gym to start out with. You just want to learn the proper techniques so you don't hurt yourself. You can usually negotiate the price with them and they are usually pretty affordable. A trainer at my gym costs about $35 for a 30 min session, but it could get cheaper depending on the type of plan you have (it might be as low as $20).

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