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How Long?

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There really isn't a standard for this type of question. You need to do what you are comfortable doing and when you feel like it. If you do it just to keep the guy interested well that's a bad idea. If you are developing serious feelings for him, then the two of you need to talk about the seriousness of the relationship. Intimacy too soon has killed many relationships that were never meant to be in the first place!



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I agree there is not right or wrong time that is set in stone. It would be when you fell the level of comfort doing so.


Personally, I would wait several months into getting to know the person, and finding out what they are all about and what their expectations are.


Just curious though, what your age ?


I don't blame you for being cautious in an effort to keep from being used. Definitely do not rush into imtimacy and sex, and don't let some one pressure you if you are not ready to make that move with them.

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What has always worked well for me - and I mean - feeling good about my choices and feeling cared for and treated well - and remaining generally positive about "men"- is to wait at least two months to have sex with someone I am dating and to wait until we are exclusive, monogamous and with strong potential for marriage (that is, on the same page about marriage and definitely seeing each other as potentials for marriage).

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when you are comfortable. If the guy (or girl) is pressuring you, then he only wants laid and its best not to anyways.


Otherwise id say when you feel right about it. Ive never understood the 3 date rule, or 3 week rule, or whatever rule people have. You telling me that by date 3 your feelings have been made up about everyone you have dated? Every situation is different... so just go with it.

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