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how to know if she likes me? Post your ideas....

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It's better if we have more information on your situation.


People can express interest in different ways. Some girls are very good at flirting, and it might not mean anything at all. Other girls are incredibely shy, so you have to look for much subtler signs than "is she coming up to talk to you?" or "does she touch you a lot while talking?"


Eye contact could mean she likes you, but it could not. It depends on how it is made, and how frequently - is she frequently looking over at you, sneaking glances, etc? Or does she only make eye contact when talking to you?


Personally, some guys make me very shy (they intimidate me), and if I like them, I find it very hard to initiate contact. I might sneak glances at them, but if I see them look in my direction, I quickly look away and perhaps even blush!


Also, some people find eye contact, especially prolonged eye contact, to be too intense or confronatational. So, don't take lack of eye contact as a horrible sign either.


Meh, there are things I could say, but there are so many exceptions to everything, that the only definate sign is "sexual tension", which is something you can only sense if you are there. We can't tell you whether there is sexual tension over the internet.

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Ripping your clothes off.

Asking you which names you like for children.

Adjusting certain parts of their clothing.

Telling you that your current partner isn't good enough for you.

Saying your current partner is very lucky.

Interested in your relationship status.

Standing or sitting very close.

Taking photos of you more than others when in a group situation.



Really, some people can't take a hint.


Sometimes, however, it can feel threatening. Worst experience was being eyed up by my girlfriend's daughter!

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